Buying Real Estate in Kitchener-Waterloo

Tips For Buyers Entering Multiple Offers

  1. Make sure you are pre-approved and know your limits.
  2. Give the closing date the sellers wants.
  3. Go high and remove conditions if possible.
  4. Be on the street with your agent or at the office where the presentation is taking place.
  5. Bring your mortgage commitment letter with you and if possible have your banking contact include in the email “great clients” or similar star words.
  6. Buyers can write a letter saying how lovely the home is and the warm and fuzzy feeling they have when in the home. This is a great way to personalize an offer.
  7. Be prepared with your risk level when it comes to not including any conditions on inspection. Talk about the pre-inspection when you do your initial viewing.
  8. Make it your best possible offer and listen for guidance from your REALTOR®. If this is the home you want, put your real number on it and go for it. Make sure you don’t walk away with regrets.
  9. Bring along a trusted second opinion if you need another’s input. There may not be time to book a second look, so have confidence. Those who hesitate too long don’t even get in.