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Ultimate Moving Checklist

Ultimate Moving Checklist

Essential Preparation Tips:

  1. Gather Packing Supplies:
    • Masking tape, felt markers, picture hanging hooks
    • Toolbox with hammer, screwdriver, drill, nails, flashlight
  2. Smart Packing Strategies:
    • Label boxes and furniture by room
    • Mark priority boxes for easy access
    • Separate luggage and items not to be moved
  3. Special Items:
    • Dismantle power tools (lathes, saws, grinders)
    • Remove fragile, heavy items, and liquids from dresser drawers
    • Defrost and clean the refrigerator
    • Drain gas from outboard motors and power mowers

Day Before Moving:

  1. Refrigerator:
    • Defrost and clean
  2. Garage and Tools:
    • Drain gas from power tools and lawn equipment

Moving Day Checklist:

  1. Final Checks:
    • Check attic, basement, and garage
  2. Load Organization:
    • Keep priority boxes easily accessible

Bonus Moving Tips:

  • Efficiency Hacks:
    • Create an inventory list
    • Use color-coded labels for boxes
    • Transport important documents and valuables yourself
  • First Night Essentials:
    • Pack a “first-night” box with toiletries, clothes, kitchen items, and bedding
  • Plan Your Route:
    • Familiarize yourself with traffic patterns on Conestoga Parkway (Highway 85) and Highway 401
  • Utilities and Services:
    • Arrange disconnection and reconnection with Waterloo North Hydro, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro, City of Waterloo, City of Kitchener, Rogers, and Bell
  • Local Resources:
    • Use Region of Waterloo’s waste management services
    • Consider local moving companies like Two Men and a Truck or AMJ Campbell

Happy moving!