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Activities Every Kitchener-Waterloo Family Needs To Try

Activities Every Kitchener-Waterloo Family Needs To Try

CCT Kitchener Waterloo family day activities

We asked families in the community what their favourite activities are in Kitchener-Waterloo. Hopefully, these responses will inspire so family fun for you throughout the year.

Note: Some activity ideas may not be ideal for 2021 during COVID-19. Please adhere to current regional Public Health regulations, and use this list as inspiration for future Family Days. ?

Family Activities in Kitchener-Waterloo

  1. Hiking
  2. Trying all the great local restaurants we have
  3. Buying some new books from a local bookshop
  4. Walking through the Christmas lights at the Wonders of Winter in Waterloo Park
  5. Saturday morning trip to St. Jacob’s Market
  6. Bingemans Gift of Lights
  7. Panthers Baseball games
  8. Walking our pets in the park
  9. Tobogganing
  10. Exploring nature!
  11. Skating in Uptown Waterloo or at Kitchener City Hall
  12. Vist all the cool ponds and streams
  13. Checking out live bands
  14. Going for walks on our beautiful trails
  15. Fishing
  16. Skating on a pond
  17. Puzzles
  18. Thrift storing
  19. Swimming
  20. Tubing at Chicopee
  21. Game board cafe
  22. Attending local events
  23. Seeing a movie at Princess Cinemas
  24. Looking for new trails to adventure on then coming home to enjoy a hot chocolate and play cards or a board game as a family
  25. Going to the Kitchener Market
  26. Hiking the Grey Silo trail
  27. Going to Waterloo Region Museum
  28. Exploring our neighbourhood
  29. Hiking at Huron Natural Area
  30. Adventure/ Escape Rooms
  31. Playing hockey
  32. Bowling
  33. Tennis
  34. Walking the Grand River trails
  35. Visiting the outdoor market in Uptown Waterloo
  36. Snowshoeing
  37. Hiking the Westside Trails
  38. Getting a new game from J&J Cards & Collectibles to play together!
  39. Fun a Bingemans
  40. Exploring Victoria Park and Waterloo Park
  41. Walking the forest and Grand River trails in Doon
  42. Skating at Lions Arena and outdoor rinks
  43. Dining at the great restaurants in Downtown Kitchener
  44. Watching hockey
  45. Biking to local establishments as our destination
  46. Bingemans water park
  47. Medieval fair at Victoria Park
  48. Camping
  49. Skiing at Chicopee
  50. Visiting THE MUSEUM
  51. Going to the movies (Princess Cinema or Apollo Cinema)
  52. Go-karting
  53. Kayaking along the Grand!
  54. Heritage Village
  55. Mini golf at Bingemans
  56. Build a snowman
  57. Going to a Kitchener Rangers game at the Aud
  58. Oktoberfest festivities
  59. Visiting the animals at Waterloo Park
  60. Art walks
  61. Spending time together supporting local small businesses
  62. Visiting McLennan Park