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Cody Bear

Cody Bear

Cody Bear

Cody Bear Ambassador Award Nomination


We’d like you to meet Cody Bear™, the newest member of the Cindy Cody Team.

Cody Bear™ encourages the children in Waterloo Region to give back to the community. There are so many things you can do to continue making Waterloo Region one of the best places to life.  The Cody Bear™ Ambassador program recognizes children who are making a difference in the community.

Together with Cody Bear™ we can shape our children into community ambassadors. Nominate a child today for the Cody Bear™ Ambassador Award. Every month one child will be awarded with an ambassador metal by Cody Bear™ (Cody Bear™ will even present the award in front of your child’s class or family!).

Nominate a child in your community who demonstrates any of the following characteristics:

  • Helps others
  • Participates in community events
  • Is environmentally-conscious
  • Makes a difference at school
  • Leads by example

Click here for more examples of the ways you and your family can making positive change in our community.

>Submit a nomination today and let’s start rewarding our children for their good work and begin shaping community ambassadors!

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