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Organize Your House With These Storage Ideas

Organize Your House With These Storage Ideas

Cindy Cody Team - Organize Your House With These Storage Ideas

If you haven’t heard of it, Buzzfeed is a social news and entertainment company that produces more online content than we can keep up with. One of the great things about it is its creativity. Whether you’re looking for something funny, a helpful video or a tutorial, it’s a great place to get some inspiration. Here’s a helpful article we found titled “42 Storage Ideas That Will Organize Your Entire House“.

Some of these are ideas you may have thought of on your own, but we guarantee some of them will surprise you. Take a look at the room-by-room list. (Take a look at the original Buzzfeed article to see the images).


  1. Install an appliance lift that goes right into the cabinet
  2. Store your pans side-out racks
  3. Install a dish-drying cabinet directly above the sink
  4. Make sure of the space in front of your sink with false front drawers
  5. Store your foil and plastic wrap in a mounted magazine rack
  6. Put a fold-out ironing board in a spare drawer
  7. Use pull-out drawers for all your bread and root veggies
  8. Use hooks to hold your measuring spoons inside the cabinet
  9. Use a thin shelf to maximize pantry storage
  10. Keep your baking supplies and dry goods in a wall-mounted cabinet


  1. Store towels on a second shower curtain rod
  2. Contain your hair tools in a pull-out shelf
  3. Store all your shower products in shower curtain pockets
  4. Use a magnetic strip to hold bobby pins and tweezers
  5. Add vertical shelving to keep the area around your sink tidy
  6. Tuck a skinny shelf into any unused bathroom space
  7. Install an in-wall cabinet for your toilet necessities
  8. Install pull-out hampers in a bathroom or laundry room


  1. Store your dog bed under your platform bed
  2. Use a picture ledge next to or behind your bed for phone and glasses
  3. Keep shoes tucked away in an ottoman
  4. Keep your TV hidden
  5. Utilize the space behind a full-length mirror to store jewelery
  6. Keep your belts organized with paper towel holders
  7. Use small shelves to organize your shirts
  8. Organize and display your shoes

Kids Room

  1. Keep Lego or tiny toys in a draw-string storage bag
  2. Use a pegboard to store odd-shaped toys
  3. Keep clothes sorted by outfit in a labeled dresser
  4. Store books on shallow shelves behind a door
  5. Store toys or blocks by colour
  6. Create a stuffed animal “zoo” for storage


  1. Keep your printer in a secret drawer
  2. Keep any camera lenses safe and organized in a lens rack
  3. Turn a chest or bench into an elaborate filing cabinet
  4. Organize cords with a cord hub


  1. Store bikes horizontally along the ceiling
  2. Keep heavy-duty tapes in a dispenser
  3. Keep garbage bags on a roll for easy access
  4. Keep sports balls in a vertical organizer
  5. Make a mini garage for kid-sized cars
  6. Install a pegboard system to store tools

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