How Can You Help Your Kids Buy Their First Home? | Real Estate Q&A

Cindy Cody Team kids want to buy a home

Our clients come to me all the time with their real estate questions. Lately, I’ve been hearing “Cindy, how are our kids going to be able to afford to buy a home in this market?” Here’s my advice.

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Many families have been having conversations about real estate and getting into the Kitchener-Waterloo market. For many of my clients, their kids are talking about purchasing a home but they don’t have a down payment, or enough of a down payment.

The reality is that most people are helping their children with a down payment. Some parents are even co-signing when necessary so their kids can get into the KW market.

This process is different from how the boomer generation got into the real estate market, but it’s a good thing. Helping your kids get into the real estate market now is a good thing. As home prices rise, now is a great time to help your children purchase a home so they can benefit from future price increases.

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