How Many of These Local Activities Have You Checked Off Your Summer Bucket List?

Cindy Cody Team - How Many of These Local Activities Have You Checked Off Your Summer Bucket List

We asked Kitchener-Waterloo residents what their favourite summer activities are in the region, and the list is outstanding. There are so many fun ways to enjoy Summer in Waterloo Region. So we thought we’d share the list so you can see how many of the activities you’ve already done (and how many you can squeeze in this Summer).

Waterloo Region Summer Activity Bucket List

  1. Cycling on some of the local trails
  2. Riding your bike to get a treat at a local business
  3. Bingemans Waterpark
  4. Canoeing down the Grand River
  5. Playing a round of golf at a municipal course (Rockway or Doon Valley)
  6. Enjoying a local patio
  7. Fishing
  8. Playing at the Waterloo Park splash pad
  9. Going to the Farmers’ Market
  10. Swimming in a community pool
  11. Visiting the animals at Waterloo Park
  12. Mini Golf
  13. Finding a new local business to support
  14. Huron Park Nature Centre
  15. Walking around the pretty neighbourhoods
  16. Camping
  17. Visit THE MUSEUM in Downtown Kitchener
  18. Meeting with friends at a restaurant patio
  19. Hiking on the trails in Waterloo Region
  20. Exploring Bechtel Park
  21. Attending a local festival
  22. Playing at the Victoria Park splash pad
  23. Visiting the new Uptown Night Market
  24. Driving to a small town diner
  25. Nature walks
  26. Shade Mills Conservation
  27. Hiking at Huron Natural Area
  28. Getting ice cream by the river
  29. Walking around St. Jacobs
  30. Exploring Snyder’s Flats
  31. Cruise night
  32. Going to the Waterloo Region Museum
  33. Get a coffee from a local coffee roaster
  34. Visiting Victoria Park
  35. Going to a playground with the kids
  36. Eating at the rib festivals
  37. Walking around Columbia Lake
  38. Visiting local beaches and conservation areas
  39. Eating ice cream from Four All
  40. Playing soccer
  41. Getting some local food and having a BBQ
  42. Finding a new neighbourhood to explore
  43. Touring market stands
  44. Walking the Beechwood Trails
  45. Visiting the Clay and Glass Museum
  46. Geocaching
  47. Picnic at the park
  48. Walking around Woolwich Reservoir
  49. Visit a local brewery
  50. Make your Summer bucket list for next Summer!