How Much Are Closing Costs For Buying and Selling A Property?

Cindy Cody Team - How Much Are Closing Costs For Buying and Selling A Property

Thinking of buying or selling a home and wondering about the closing costs? We sat down with one of our Industry Professional, James Clarke, Manager Director at Kay Law Professional to give you the information you’re looking for!

We’re busy working with many buyers and sellers, and a common question that pops up is:

How much are closing costs for buying and selling a property?

In the video above, James Clarke outlines the approximate closing costs* for buying a property and for selling a property.

Here’s what you need to know:

Closing Costs for Buyers

Real estate purchases are a bit more involved than a sale, so they cost a bit more. The costs typically cover the title search, title insurance, legal fees and HST.

Closing Costs for Sellers

The closing costs for the sale of a property can be about $500 less than a purchase.

Watch our Industry Professional video above to get more details, including the approximate closing costs for both the purchase of a property and the sale of a property.


We hope this information has been helpful. If you have any other questions about closing costs, buying or selling a property, we’re here to help!

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*The costs associated with buying and selling in this video are approximate figures and may vary.