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Ion: The Story So Far

Ion: The Story So Far


Ion is on it’s way!

The new light rail and bus rapid transit system is being implemented to enhance Grand River Transit. Ion service is set to begin in 2017.

Waterloo Region has been undergoing construction which has caused some dismay in the short term. But we’re taking a look at the long-term.

Thinking Progessively

Ion is great for the local housing market. It will create more ease for communters (both local and GTA commuters), putting Waterloo Region on the map for great public transportation technology, adding to our existing tech reputation.

This public transportation system will contribute to the region’s development, and support our future population.

The value of homes in the services areas are increasing and will continue to rise once service is in effect. Homes in these locations will be perfect for families trying to keep their transportation costs down.

They will have a faster, more efficient way to access work and to travel across the city as a family.

This new step in public transportation gives more people the chance to be less car-dependent. With environemntal conciousness being such a topical issue, it’s no wonder residents of Kitchener and Waterloo are excited about a new way to reduce their carbon footprint.

Learn more about www.rideion.ca. For an update on Ion Construction and projected activities, watch the video and hear from Director of Rapid Transit at the Region of Waterloo, Darshpreet Bhatti: