Laurelwood Public School Playground is Ready For Back-To-School!

Laurelwood Public School Playground

The students at Laurelwood Public School in Waterloo have something extra to look forward to this September. After years of fundraising and construction, the new playground is ready for some fun!

Over the last few years we’ve loved following this project. From the beginning, the Cindy Cody Team was happy to support the Laurelwood Public School playground project, donating to the construction of the playground and following its development. A schoolyard playground is a great asset for a school, neighbourhood and community. In reality, thousands of children will get the chance to enjoy this new playground.

We were so honoured to receive a plaque with many signatures from the children who will enjoy the playground this coming school year. It hangs in our office and reminds us how proud we are to support all our local neighbourhoods in Kitchener-Waterloo (see photo below).


Laurelwood Public School Playground


Cindy Cody Team - Laurelwood Playground framed signatures