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What Should You Look For In An Offer? Real Estate Q&A

What Should You Look For In An Offer? Real Estate Q&A

What should you look for in a real estate offer?


One question I get asked a lot is “Is there anything in an offer we should be concerned about?” Here’s my answer to this real estate question.


Areas To Focus On In An Offer

Your standard offer contract was written by lawyers and approved. The standard agreement of purchases and sale in Ontario has items we cover with our clients. But it’s what’s typed into an offer from other agents, or what we’ve added ourselves, that are the concern.

These added areas may include various clauses that are used for home inspections, for example. In this case, some clauses are ironclad, whereas others are wide open and may give a buyer the opportunity to walk easily.

Different financing conditions can be added to an offer. For example, if someone has a home to sell, the wording in the offer is crucial. As well, right now we’re seeing much larger deposits than we used to.

There are many components in a purchase offer and my best advice is to have a professional help you review the agreement.


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