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What You Need To Know About Listing Your Home In The Fall

What You Need To Know About Listing Your Home In The Fall

Advice for Sellers Listing In The Fall


Offer an early closing date

Families moving in the fall will likely want to be in their new home before the holidays.

Avoid Halloween decorations

Although Halloween is approaching, leave the scary decorations in storage when your home is being photographed. You don’t want to scare any buyers away.

Price right

You’ll want to price your home so it’s attractive to potential buyers. You want to get your house snatched up by a happy buyer so it’s not sitting on the market in December.

Be the fresh inventory

The fall is a time when we tend to see homes leftover from earlier in the year. Listing your home in the fall is a great time to see what the market will pay because your listing will be fresh and exciting! You’ll stand out in the crowd.

Fall staging

A little fall decor can add some seasonal charm to your home. We can help you find the right balance, and if needed, staging is always an option.

Beat the snow

A picture is worth a thousand words. So list early enough to show off your full property before the snow falls.

Offering Long Closing Dates Can Work In Your Favour

Selling your home in the fall can put you in a good position to be ready to buy in the spring when there is lots of inventory! Having no rush on a closing date means you can sell now and don’t have to be pressured into buying right this moment.

Your First Step

Thinking of a move? Not sure when to do it. The first step is an appointment so we can see your home and see if it’s ready, and discuss the best timing depending on your unique situation.

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