The Process of Making Decisions About Selling Your Home | What Would Cindy Say?


A lot of people are thinking about making a move, or have family who are aging and thinking of selling a home. When you first start thinking about selling, you realize that there are so many components involved, and it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes this prevents people from moving forward with their plan to sell.

When you start talking about possibly making a move, myself, or one of our team members would be happy to lay everything out for you and discuss the process.

There are a lot of components to think about at the beginning, which leads to a lot of decisions that have to be made. Is the home ready? Is the person who’s selling emotionally ready? Do they understand how it all works? Where will they move to?

It’s All About the Process

Our approach to help you be more comfortable is to sit down and actually piece the process out on paper. And then we’ll discuss how each portion fits into the whole picture and what decisions need to be made, and in which order. In our experience, people leave these discussions feeling much more at ease and clear. It will put you in a better position to make decisions.

If you would like to sit down and clarify what your specific process should be, we’d be happy to meet with you.

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