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Questions Around Moving Your Family Into A Larger Family Home

Questions Around Moving Your Family Into A Larger Family Home

Large Family Home


We’d like to move up, but we don’t want to uproot the kids. What should we do?

I completely understand this concern. I have children and grandchildren of my own. In the past 33 years of my career, I’ve had a lot of experience with this so I can give solid advice about moving with children.

As with most families, the main reason you’re likely looking to move up and uproot the kids is to move into a larger home. As children get older, they really need their own space to hang out with their friends and to make their own.

Many families want to stay close and keep their kids close by, but sometimes this can lead to the kids spending more time at other people’s houses, like the neighbour’s house that’s a little bigger.

If you’d like to have the kids spend time at your house a lot and keep them close by, moving up and making the move from one home to another could be a huge advantage for your children and your family.

If you have a question about finding a home more suitable for your family today or questions about the best time to make a move with kids, we can help.

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