How Do You Get Your Spouse On Board With A Move?

How Do You Get Your Spouse On Board With A Move? Couple making a decision over coffee

“How do I get my spouse on board?”

I get asked this question all the time. Deciding to sell your home and make a move is a big decision for many people. In many cases, one person is excited for new beginnings and is ready to make a move, and the other half is maybe a little more hesitant to get the ball rolling. The key is to weight all of your options.

If you find yourself in this situation, myself or one of my team members can help you review your options so both parties can be on the same page. We will go over the different scenarious you have in mind, the truth about the market, and how timing may play a role in the profit you make on your home. This is a no obligation meeting. We’d like to offer our advice and expertise, and sit down to talk about:

  • your ideas
  • the market
  • interest rates
  • the benefits of where you would be moving to
  • any of your questions or concerns

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