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Spring Cleaning and Home Maintenance Tips

Spring Cleaning and Home Maintenance Tips

CCT spring home maintenance

As spring arrives, many homeowners tackle spring cleaning to get their home in tip-top shape after the long winter. While you’re scrubbing and polishing, it’s a good idea to take a look at some specific areas of your home to ensure everything is running properly.

Smoke Detectors

This isn’t always on everyone’s cleaning list, but you should routinely check all the smoke detectors in your home. Replace the batteries so you can trust your detector will be reliable, and clean the unit – you can do this by vacuuming out any dust and wiping the vents.

Ceiling Fans

You may dust your ceiling fans, and check the units stability, but did you know spring is a great time to switch the rotation direction? In the winter, your ceiling fan should be set to run at a low speed in a clockwise direction (reverse direction). Switching the rotation direction to move counter-clockwise (forward) is great for spring and summer because it will help blow the air straight down. (In the hot summer months you can increase the rotation speed as the temperature increases).

AC and Furnace

Take a look at your air conditioner or central air unit. Spring is the ideal time to check it out and make sure everything is running smoothly before the summer heat arrives. Change the filter regularly, and check that all the connections are properly attached. If you have any concerns or are unsure what to look for, consider having a professional in to service your air conditioner and furnace.


After the fall and winter seasons, you may notice your windows need a good scrub. While you’re making those windows shine, take the opportunity to check for any cracks or spots where air can leak in (or out) of your home. Take a look at your window treatments (blinds and drapes) to ensure they’re in good shape. Good window treatments can be a great way to keep your home cool when the hot sun wants to shine through your windows.


After a cold winter it’s always a good idea to check on your attic. Check for any evidence of critters hanging out to escape the cold, water spots, leaks, or anything else out of the ordinary.


Check your roof to see if any shingles went missing or were damaged during the winter.