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Top Real Estate Questions Answered

Top Real Estate Questions Answered

Cindy Cody Team Top Real Estate Questions Answered

How is the market?

People are always interested in the market, but what we find is that not everyone sells at the perfect time for them financially. Sometimes it’s hard to make that big decision and pull the trigger.
We find the best thing someone considering selling can do, even if they are even considering a move in the next year or so, is to book an appointment   for an experienced agent like ourselves to come by and give invaluable information and an update on the current market. Usually, there are many things to consider that sellers haven’t even thought of. These things include:

  • Timing (When is the best time to get the most money?)
  • Where would I move? We will  help you navigate the next step with real options.
  • What the forecast may be for their home if they wait


Should I have my home staged?

We get asked this a lot on the phone. Every home is unique!

No matter what state the house is in, we would love to see YOUR HOME! Then we can provide PROFESSIONAL ADVICE  on whether the house needs staging, repairs, or just shuffling a few things around. Or sometimes just adding a few small items improves the home’s appeal to buyers.

Many times if clients are seriously considering moving, we balance what the house needs with the current market. What we find is that sellers sometimes worry so much about the look of their home, and they miss a great sellers’ markets when they could have obtained more money.

How much commission do you charge?

Commissions amongst Real Estate agents range. But it’s usually as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. One thing a lot of people don’t know or maybe don’t understand is that every agent is definitely NOT the same. Agents will have different systems, and connections to different buyers. We find agents with no systems or limited systems, will have fewer buyers coming through their listings, and making fewer offers. Great agents like ourselves have buyers coming from GTA, across Canada, the US and worldwide.

We find many times professionals being transferred to our areas are connected with great agents. Which buyer actually buys the house and how many offers there are will usually relate to real money for the seller. Many times substantially more money, enough to cover a touch more commission and still have extra profit for sellers.

The value of a Top agent with a team ensures things get handled efficiently. You still have your main agent for communication, negotiating and advice but other people are doing everything else that’s needed. This gives your agent more time for the important things that help you, like making calls to interested parties, showing your home, and inspiring agents to bring great offers.

Great, experienced agents like ourselves are superb negotiators, again a huge financial bonus for sellers!