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What Spring Cleaning Means If You’re Moving

What Spring Cleaning Means If You’re Moving

Spring cleaning for sellers

It’s that time of year again: Spring cleaning. We come out of hibernation and dig out the cleaning supplies to give our homes a good scrub. It can take some time, but it feels so good to get your home in a clean state.

But what if you’re moving? It’s tempting to skip out on the Spring cleaning when you’re going to be moving out of your home soon, but don’t do it. Think about the new home you’re going to be moving into…don’t you want it to be spick and span when you get there?

Of course you do!

The same goes for your home’s buyer. Cleaning your home for the new owner is good etiquette. Here are some tips for keeping your house clean at various stages in the selling process.

Cleaning Your Home For Selling

Preparing to put your house on the market involves cleaning and decluttering. Remove excess decor items and photos, and keep things simple. Before you get started, the first task on your cleaning list should be to speak with your REALTOR® about the areas to focus on in your home. Their advice will keep you focused.

When it comes to cleaning, make sure ceiling fans and light fixtures are dusted, carpets and floors have been mopped and vacuumed, and windows are without smudges. This phase is all about depersonalizing and appealing to buyers.

Add extra cleaning detail like cleaning out the refrigerator and moving furniture around to get all the dust bunnies. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning your entire home, break it down room-by-room. Ensure your bathrooms have had a deep clean and are tidy. Tip: use half of a lemon to remove stains on your shower hardware.

The garage can be a daunting task. Again, before you do anything, talk to your REALTOR® about the garage and what you should do when you’re preparing to sell your home.

Cleaning Your Home for Walk-Throughs

Once a deal has been put together, your buyer will have the chance to do a walk-through or two. You’ll likely be in the process of packing, but it’s still important that your home is in good condition.

Tip: Wipe a dryer sheet along baseboard to prevent dust from building up. You’ll save yourself some dusting time later on.

The Final Cleaning

In this final stage, don’t leave anything behind. All items (and garbage) should be removed from the house. There is no magic cleaning crew that is going to come in after you and make the house shine, so put real effort in here. If there’s a bag of clothes you don’t want, or a small piece of furniture, take it to a donation centre, don’t leave it behind. Unless it was noted in the agreement, it shouldn’t be in the house when the buyers arrive.

Tip: There are many donation services that will pick donation boxes up at your house. If you’re strapped for time, this is a great option.

Wipe out the cupboards, dust the windowsills, sweep out any dirt that may have been dragged in during the moving process, and make sure all garbage is out of the house. Double-check all the closets and storage areas before you leave.

Give the new owners a fresh start to life in their new house, and enjoy yours in your new home.