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What Would Cindy Say: Behind the Scenes

What Would Cindy Say: Behind the Scenes

what would cindy say behind the scenes

Watch Episode Seven of What Would Cindy Say: Behind the Scenes

Is there any magic involved in selling a house? Not quite.

When you’re house hits the market, I’m busy at work! It’s not magic with wands and potions, but it does involve a few of my strategies.  It’s important to me that my sellers understand how valuable my connections are. Behind the scenes, I spend time making extra calls to my network to let everyone know about the homes I’m selling and to create urgency.

It’s these behind the scenes activities that sellers might not be able to see, but they are crucial. If you’re thinking about selling your home, I want you to know that I make the “magic” happen.

Want to know more about what I do behind the scenes? Reach out to sold@cindycody.ca and let’s chat!

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