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Downsizing to an ‘A’ Property | What Would Cindy Say?

Downsizing to an ‘A’ Property | What Would Cindy Say?

Downsizing to an 'A' Property

Today I want to talk to you about downsizing.

Downsizing is a big trend these days. There are a lot of baby boomers deciding to cash out of their current home and move down into something different. Some are going to condos, some are going to rentals, and some are going to different sized properties.

There are some key points which are very important to discuss when it comes to downsizing. I welcome you to sit down with myself or one of our team members to discuss more.



2 Big Downsizing Topics

  1. Timing
    I get asked a lot “When can we get the most money for our home, Cindy?” Because obviously, that will dictate a lot of what you can purchase. “When is there a good selection of properties for us to buy?”, which is a question that leads into the second topic around downsizing.
  2. “How do we actually get the best property?”
    Just because you’re moving down, doesn’t mean you have to settle on a property. Downsizers don’t just want a lesser home; they’d like a really great place still. In fact, they’d like the best of what they can purchase in a certain price range. Finding those ‘A’ properties is a big discussion when it comes to downsizing, as well as trying to optimize money when you’re selling your current home.

We can sit down and clearly go through how it all works and how we can make sure it’s win-win for you.

Give us a call. We’re here to help!