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When Is the Best Time to Make a Move When You’re Downsizing

When Is the Best Time to Make a Move When You’re Downsizing

When Is the Best Time to Make a Move When You're Downsizing

One of the questions we get all the time is about downsizing. “We’re thinking of downsizing. When is the best time to make that move?” Watch this quick video to learn about the demand and shift in the real estate market, and what your first step should be.

Downsizing & Timing

An increasing trend in today’s market is the baby boomers selling their large homes and moving in more manageable properties as they head into retirement. Downsizing looks different for everyone, so if you have any questions about the process, strategy or what your options are, we can help you out.

In many cases, couples have been in their large homes for many years. With growing families and busy lives, the large family home made the most sense. But when the kids move out and couples want to spend more time traveling and less time maintaining a large property, downsizing is an excellent option.

For some, downsizing means moving into a condo where they don’t have to worry about outdoor maintenance and they can relax and enjoy an easy-going retirement (and don’t have to worry when they head south for the winter!). For others, it means finding a smaller property, an opportunity to get rid of some unnecessary boxes that have been stored in the basement for years (and never opened), and less space to clean and maintenance, leaving more time for the things they enjoy in life.

If you’ve been thinking of downsizing, or think it might be a good option in the next few years, let’s sit down over a coffee and chat about your real estate goals and what downsizing might look like for you.