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What Is An ‘A’ Property? Real Estate Q&A

What Is An ‘A’ Property? Real Estate Q&A

Have you heard the term ‘A’ Property? If you’ve heard it and have always wanted to know what it meant (or just heard it for the first time), here’s your answer!

Are you looking to find the perfect home with specific criteria, location, style, finishes? This is what we call an ‘A’ Property. ‘A’ Property is new language that has popped up in the last couple of years. Many real estate agents have been using it, but more and more buyers and sellers are using ‘A’ Property to describe an ideal property.

These properties are normally sold before most people see the listing being advertised.  Our team has special processes and contacts to ensure our clients secure the ‘A’ Property that they are dreaming about.  If you want the best property then please call the best team, the Cindy Cody team, we are here to help!

When asked what an ‘A’ Property is, here’s how I describe it:

If you had ten properties to look at out in our marketplace, you’d probably say there’s one that’s really special and stands out to you. That would be an ‘A’ Property.

They’re usually the properties in really good areas, the finishings are beautiful, the layouts are great, the yard is landscaped, and the basements are usually finished. These ‘A’ properties come and go very quickly.

Capturing an ‘A’ Property involves a little bit of a different process.

Looking for one? Talk to us today about what the process looks like.


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