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We’ve Got Our Eye On Waterloo Region

We’ve Got Our Eye On Waterloo Region

eye on waterloo region

We polled our team to find out what everyone is excited about in Waterloo Region. We’ve all got our eye on something exciting.

Here are the top developments we’re keeping our eye on in Waterloo Region.

One Hundred

There’s a new condominium coming to the Innovation District in Kitchener. Located at 100 Victoria Street South, right in the down town core, this condo is a huge deal. It’s putting us on the map for high rise housing, adding a super cool and trendy housing option in the region. This Momentum project is changing the face of our downtown to a friendly environment and it’s walking distance from everywhere you want to be.
Learn more about One Hundred here.  plus see 100 Reasons Why You Want To live At One Hundred.


Of course, the Light Rail Transit made the list. For half of us, this is the most exciting development happening in Waterloo Region.

It says it right in the title “Eye On”–we’re definitely keeping our Eye On the ION.

“Set to begin service in 2017, ION is a visionary plan that will shape the community for the future by bringing Light Rail Transit (LRT) to Waterloo Region in two stages.” – rideION.ca

Some of the reason’s we’re keeping our eye on this project are:
“It will be good to see how we develop our downtown”
“It’s big and exciting news in Kitchener-Waterloo”
“We’re looking forward to the end of the construction and hopefully it will lead to more city growth”
“This has such a huge impact on our local economy and is the driving force to development and land values. It’s also attracting new business, which is great.”

For more information, check out “ION: the story so far

Downtown Kitchener Business Development

With all the talk about ION, we’re definitely keeping our eye on Downtown Kitchener. It’s been changing in a very good way. We’re excited to see more activity down there, more small businesses and more great restaurants in the downtown core.

Plus, with the new developments, increased activity in downtown Kitchener and new transit systems, we’re excited to see what the tech industry will bring. Sophisticated innovations and brilliant companies have been making downtown Kitchener their home, so it will definitely be interesting to see what comes next.

Waterloo Airport Expansion

The expansion of the Waterloo is exciting because it may mean more reasons to travel!

“The Region of Waterloo International Airport is a full service airport capable of attracting airline service and aviation-related businesses. The Airport’s current plan, adopted by Regional Council in 2000, laid the foundation for the development of the Airport into the world-class facility we have today. The development contemplated in the 2000 Master Plan has now been completed. The Master Plan is being developed to provide a set of recommendations for future development at the Region of Waterloo International Airport over the next 20 years (2013 – 2032)” – waterlooairport.ca

With these new plans in place, we’re hoping we’ll be able to use our local airport more.