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What Happens In The Spring Market? What Would Cindy Say

What Happens In The Spring Market? What Would Cindy Say

What happens in the Spring

Let’s Talk About The Spring Market

Lately, I’ve had so many people say “Cindy, we’re thinking of selling in the Spring.”

What I always say to that is: one of the important features of a Spring market is there will be a lot of competition for sellers. Right now, most people aren’t thinking about the Spring. We still have the Winter months to get through, so it seems so far away. But by the time the snow comes, then begins to melt, we’ll be in the Spring market.

As soon as the ground thaws and flowers start popping up, for sale signs will start popping up as well. Once there are too many signs up and houses for sale, the value of homes will start to decrease. As a seller, competition isn’t the best thing for you when we’re trying to maximize the money you get for your home.

A lot of these conversions have come up this Fall because the year has been so hot. People have been getting great money for their properties.

If you’re thinking of moving in the next 12 to 18 months, now is the perfect time to start the conversation. We can sit down and have a discussion about your plan and your goals.

Let’s talk! Give me a call today.


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