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Canada 150 | Places In Canada That Feel Like Home

Canada 150 | Places In Canada That Feel Like Home

Canada’s 150th birthday has had us reflecting a lot on our experiences in the country. We all agree Kitchener-Waterloo is an amazing place to live. Lately we’ve been talking about the traveling we’ve done across the country, and we got on the topic of other places that feel like home. Here’s a sneak peak into the conversation we had.


The Collingwood and Blue Mountains area. It feels like home because it’s not too far away from Kitchener-Waterloo and it has the same friendly people. Access to great outdoor activities are everywhere, giving anyone the opportunity to appreciate the sceneries and offerings of the great Canadian outdoors.

British Columbia feels like home, even love I live in KW. I spent a lot of time out West when I was growing up visiting family, and in the early years of my marriage – my husband and I loved to ski the mountains out West in B.C. and in the Summer time we went house boating. There are breathtaking mountains. We would love to retire out West some day!

That’s a hard question to answer. There really is no other place that feels like home for me. There are still a lot of cities I haven’t visited, so I’m sure that could change.

Lake Muskoka – We have kids and grandkids there and look forward to every moment spent in the clear lakes and beautiful countryside.

I love Port Elgin, Ontario. It is a fantastic community on the beaches on Lake Huron. Lots of fun to visit in the Summer or Winter.

For me, the other place that I call home is Goderich and the areas north of there along Lake Huron. I lived and went to high school there for part of my teenage years!

Love love love Quebec! It has such a diverse European feeling to it. It feels like you’re in a different country…but with a Canadian flare.


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