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Make A Difference | Giving Back In Our Community

Make A Difference | Giving Back In Our Community

Make A difference

Part of what makes a community thrive is its ability to come together to make great things happen. In Kitchener-Waterloo there are so many people dedicated to giving back, helping others and working to make our community the best that it can be. We wanted to take a minute to recognize the people and organizations who really make a difference.

KW Habilitation

KW Habilitation does amazing work for children, adults and their families. There are programs to add life skills and enrich lives. Giving support to the families is also vital and in turn it encourages full and productive lifestyles. I attend their annual fundraising and support a table with Ellen Leffler on the team. Our guests donate generously and everyone has a good night. – Linda

Kitchener-Waterloo Human Society

I’ve always admired the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society. I’m a sucker for animals. I have such compassion for the animals and admiration for the people who work there (because it would be such a difficult job). – Kat

oneROOF Youth Services

I like oneROOF Youth Services. It really helps kids who are on the street. oneROOF Youth Services provides safety, support and overall well-being to youth, age 12-25 who are at-risk of homelessness in Waterloo Region. Most of these kids have no choice but to go on the street because their home life is too volatile for them. If there is violence or substance abuse, they see the street as a safer option. It’s very sad but true. These kids are smart and when they are given the opportunity for someone to believe in them they can create a future for themselves. They need people to care and get them into safe living conditions with nutritious food so they can think clearly. oneROOF has made an amazing commitment to help maintain their health and safety. – Debbie

The Ride To Conquer Cancer

I admire The Ride To Conquer Cancer as my team leader (Cindy Cody) and several of my friends participate or have participated in it and have raised a lot of money for cancer research. – Jonathan

Taste Local! Taste Fresh!

This is a great event that takes place every year at Steckle Farm. Taste Local! Taste Fresh! pairs local farmers with local restaurants. It’s a great opportunity to meet the farmers who grow your food and to taste amazing food creations prepared by top chefs from the region. In Kitchener-Waterloo we’re so fortunate to be surrounded by the farms that grow a lot of our food. This emphasis on growing, buying and eating local food sets our region apart. – Ellen

Cody Bear

As a team, we decided to introduce a new initiative in our community. This resulted in the birth of Cody Bear. We encourage families and all members of the community to nominate a youth they know who has achieved something notable and outstanding in their community. We have donated funding towards a playground in the Laurelwood Waterloo neighbourhood as one example of our vision for change and community improvement. We are very proud of this and look forward to the future. – David


I really admire people out in our communities doing what’s necessary always. They don’t necessarily fall into one organization. They just use their skills and help! Whether it’s cleaning up garbage, using their professional skills, showing love and support to our elderly and speaking to people in a way that helps them know they matter and are loved. – Cindy