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Viewing A Newer Home vs. Viewing An Older Home

Looking for a new home is exciting. When you step into a house for the first time, there are many things you might immediately notice: current decor, lighting, flooring, and you might pick up on the home’s energy. You might even form an opinion based on your first impression. But it’s important that you take a deeper look at the house to determine if it’s what you’re searching for.

Your REALTOR® can help guide you through what to look for in the home, and may point out some things you didn’t notice.

Should you approach your tour differently if you’re viewing an older home vs. a newer home?

Over the years building codes have changed and building materials have evolved, so you may want to approach a newer home differently than an older home.

How you view a home also depends on your real estate goals, i.e. Are you looking for a property for yourself or as an investment? Do you want to make updates or do you want something turnkey? What are the non-negotiable features you’re looking for?

Here are a few things to look for and to consider when you view a property:

Viewing an older home
  • Are there older architectural characteristics in the home that add charm?
  • How does the yard and landscaping compare to some of the newer homes you have viewed? (Consider the size of the lot and the mature landscaping that can come along with an older home).
  • Is the home deemed a historical property? This could impact renovations and plans to update.
  • What is the status of the plumbing and electrical?
  • Does the floor plan work with your lifestyle? Often, older homes have smaller rooms and smaller closets.
  • If you’re planning on renovating, can you see the potential in the home?
Viewing a newer home
  • Does the floor plan work with your lifestyle? Many new homes contain open layouts. Think about how your family will use the space together.
  • If you’re looking for something move-in ready, can you see the potential in the home?
  • How energy efficient is the home?
  • If the new home is located in a new subdivision, does the location have nearby amenities that you’re looking for?

Of course, there are many more things to consider as you tour a property. Be sure to talk to your REALTOR® about your real estate goals so they can help you find the right property.

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