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Aerospace Accelerator Program Launched in Region of Waterloo

Living in Waterloo Region offers a remarkable perk: easy access to flights spanning the nation and beyond. Thanks to the proximity of the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF), travel has become incredibly convenient for residents of the region.

In fact, the Region of Waterloo International Airport is one of the top 20 busiest airports in Canada, making it a hot spot for cutting-edge advancements in aerospace and aviation.

Aerospace entrepreneurs will now have a place to text, expand, and amplify their startups at the Accelerator Centre. Awarded as one of the world’s top 5 private business accelerators, the Accelerator Centre offers programs to help startups launch their ideas into reality via mentorship, access to funds, strategies to scale, and more.

Applications for the program are now closed, but we’re excited to see the great ideas that take flight from this program.

Accelerator Centre launches inaugural Aerospace Accelerator Program in collaboration with the Region of Waterloo and NAVBLUE

Waterloo, ON — Accelerator Centre (AC) is pleased to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Aerospace Accelerator in collaboration with the Region of Waterloo and NAVBLUE. This innovative initiative aims to foster the growth and development of cutting-edge aerospace technologies while contributing to the economic and technological advancement of the region.

The Aerospace Accelerator will run out of the AC’s headquarters in Waterloo and be delivered through a combination of remote and in-person education, mentorship, and networking opportunities. The program will serve as a dynamic hub for startups, entrepreneurs, and established companies in the aerospace sector. The innovative program provides access to potential test facilities, mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to the investment community to accelerate the development of innovative aerospace solutions that align with the Region of Waterloo’s aviation and aerospace priorities.

Waterloo Region’s strong aviation and aerospace ecosystem is built on a reputation for top talent, exceptional research capacity and a legacy of manufacturing and tech innovation. The Region is home to a full-service airport (YKF) and is strategically located next to one of Canada’s largest aerospace clusters. With 100+ companies working in materials testing and development, component and aircraft manufacturing and software and sensor technology, Waterloo Region is a leader in aviation and aerospace.

NAVBLUE is a leading services company, wholly owned by Airbus, dedicated to Flight Operations solutions and services for airlines and aircraft operators, on the ground and onboard. NAVBLUE combines aircraft manufacturer expertise, flight operations know-how and agile development to enhance operational efficiency, optimize resources and increase productivity, for a safe and sustainable aviation. Entrepreneurs participating in the Aerospace Accelerator will benefit from NAVBLUE’s extensive industry expertise and global network of over 600 customers and 500 employees.

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More about the Accelerator Centre

“The Accelerator Centre is one of several startup incubators in the Waterloo region that can support graduate student entrepreneurs to turn their research into a startup. It provides entrepreneurs and new companies with access to coaching, mentoring, professional management advice, and even services, such as accounting, IP management, high-speed internet access and vital business networks.”
University of Waterloo

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What’s the Plan (and Budget) for Waterloo Region in 2024?

Waterloo Region is focused on the future. Its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan is designed to accommodate the region’s growth in the future. Titled Growing with Care, the plan’s focus is “supporting a long-term vision of a compassionate community that cares for all people, stewards the land for future generations and gives everyone the opportunity to live a good life”.

So what is Waterloo Region’s plan for 2024?

Let’s take a closer look at the 4 priority areas of the 2023-2027 Strategic Plan and budget and what is in store for 2024.

  • Homes For All: We will invest in affordable homes and economic opportunity for all that are part of inclusive and environmentally sustainable communities.
  • Climate Aligned Growth: As we grow, we will support a healthy environment where communities can thrive. Through intentional collaboration and creativity, we will support sustainable community growth.
  • Equitable Services and Opportunities: Through collaboration and innovative design, we will provide equitable, accessible services across Waterloo Region that support the social determinants of health, safety and complete communities as we grow.
  • Resilient and Future Ready Organization: The Region of Waterloo is a great place to work, where everyone is valued, feels they belong and where they have the supports and tools they need to do a great job. We will be prepared for the future by providing a safe space for bold ideas and experimentation, based on data and other ways of knowing.

Waterloo Region’s 2024 Budget

On December 13, 2023, the Budget Committee meeting and final budget approval took place. Here’s a summary of the approved budget in Waterloo Region.

  • 6.9% tax increase in 2024
    • Households will pay an average of $165 more per year
    • That is equivalent to $13.76 per month
  • $472 million for affordable housing, support for those experiencing homelessness, and investments to drive economic growth and opportunities
  • $316 million for paramedic services, children’s services, seniors’ services, youth programs and the Food Bank of Waterloo Region
  • $815 million for transit growth, safe water and waste management
  • $125 million for modernizing data and technology, employee wellbeing and ensuring long-term financial sustainability
  • $1.5 million in funding for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region (doubled from its previous funding of $744,000)
  • $228 million to go to Waterloo Regional Police Services
    CTV News Kitchener

Interested in learning more about the Region of Waterloo Plan and Budget 2024?

Here are some helpful resources:

● Explore this summary of the 2024 Plan and Budget.

● Visit the Region of Waterloo’s webpage on Budget and Financial Statements.

● Follow 2024 Plan and Budget updates and important links on Engage Waterloo Region.

Community Local News We Love Waterloo Region

Experience Downtown Kitchener’s Art Walk

Downtown Kitchener is bursting with creativity! You can see it as you walk around the vibrant downtown core. Through a collaboration between the Downtown Kitchener Business Improvement Association (DTK BIA) and the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery (KWAG) the Downtown Kitchener Art Walk was born.

In March 2020, everything changed with the rise of COVID-19. In the midst of uncertain times, the Downtown Kitchener BIA wanted to give the community something beautiful and long-lasting, that would reignite a passion for the Downtown we all love. – A Field Guide to DTK’s Art Walk

Local artists have brought their craft to the walls of local businesses and throughout the downtown core, resulting in over 90 outdoor oversized installments of local art for everyone to enjoy.

Many of the pieces in the art walk have been a part of the downtown fabric for years – some as far back as the early 1900s. The recent launch aims to reintroduce these pieces to the public. You may be surprised at how many you’ve passed by on your daily route. The Downtown Kitchener Art Walk gives the opportunity to get to know the artist and the story behind each sculpture, statue, and mural. – Explorewaterloo.ca

Cindy Cody Team - downtown kitchener art walk (2)

Ways To Enjoy Downtown Kitchener’s Art Walk

You may think you know the city, but this is a way to experience Downtown Kitchener from a new perspective! There are lots of ways to work an Art Walk into your life. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Take a solo tour
  • Make a date of it
  • Explore art with the family
  • Coffee and art with friends
  • Office team outing

“But how do I know where to walk?” you may be asking yourself.

  • A Field Guide To DTK’s Art WalkThe free Field Guide document is the perfect way to take yourself on a self-guided tour of the Art Walk. It showcases all the art installations and murals and will give you the history and intent of each piece.
  • A Stroll Walking Tour. Stroll offers private guided walking tours by local guides who know the neighbourhood.

Both of these options are a great way to discover new areas and art in the downtown core (even if you think you’ve already been everywhere).

Downtown Kitchener Art Walk Map

A Field Guide To DTK’s Art Walk

The DTK Art Walk Field Guide will give you an overview map of all the installations included on the Art Walk. It also includes an in-depth visual guide as you make your way through the city. For each art piece, you’ll find an image of the completed piece, the name of the artist, the location, type of medium, the year it was created as well as an informative description including information about the artist, process, intent and more.

Cindy Cody Team - downtown kitchener art walk
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